a map of home.

Tara, also known as T-Stew. I make the bun-and-glasses look a thing. Mild obsession with quinoa and Tina Fey. One day I will travel along Route 66 in my stickshift.

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George Glass

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so who’s getting me one for my birthday
So that one time when I met @haimtheband’s mother at the merch table and we had a super long conversation… And then she performed Mustang Sally with the whole family as an encore? HAIM delivers again. #HaimRoundTWO (at Fox Theater Pomona)

"Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!"

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The moment when Haley’s only grip job was taken away…  (at East Jesus)
In honor of the Outside Lands lineup announcement this week. Pumped for this summer! #tbt #polaroids  (at Golden Gate Park)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the woman who made the Steward sisters’ presence on this earth a reality. JOKING…. Sort of 😏 I wouldn’t know how to properly function in this world without her! Have a wonderful day today! Love you mom!